Cause you can only lie for so long before you get something drastic 
And the kids are lined up on the wall and they’re ready to die. 

I don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.

I just have v o i c e s i n m y h e a d


The OT3 that impersonates law enforcement together stays together


"When you were born, the rivers dried up and the cattle in Rockingham County wept blood."

It was a story he had told more than once, but Ronan’s mother, Auora, insisted it was a lie. She said when Ronan emerged, the trees all grew flowers and the Henrietta ravens laughed. When his parents bickered back and forth about his birth, Ronan never pointed out that both versions could be true.

Gansey had once told Adam that he was afraid most people didn’t know how to handle Ronan. What he meant by this was that he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves.

You would stay with me forever, if I let you, and that is why I will always love you.

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